Arch Linux Installation Guide 100% Legit - WORKING

Written on 2019-07-29

Why are you reading this? If you clicked out of curiosity, that's fine. If you want to read yet another guide on installing Arch Linux... why?

Have you read the Wiki? No, I don't mean you just opened it and tried to go through that information in a few minutes and then go "man, that's hard, let's see how other people do it." That's not really how it's supposed to be done.

The wiki is there to be read. Take some time to do that. Read every word in the installation guide. Every word. When you encounter sections that point you to other places in the wiki (like the Boot loader section), don't say "oh, so they won't explain that to me?" like I did. Click on the damned links. Click on more links. Click on all the links you need. Read the pages that open. Somewhere, "hidden" in there, is the information you're searching for1.

There is so much to learn from that place. Read the wiki. You'll be much happier when you complete the installation with just the wiki.

Now, if you really need someone to walk you through the intallation process... Don't you dare to say I'm never nice to you.

Arch Linux on UEFI

Coming soon... In the meantime, take a peek at the wiki, would ya?

  1. After reading all there is related to what you're trying to do, you have earned the right to go and search how other people did it. Don't skip on all the wisdom from the Arch Wiki. READ IT.